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ESP Unveils the LTD Royal Shiva: Bill Kelliher’s Signature Double-Cut Custom Guitar at NAMM 2024

by Madonna

ANAHEIM, CA — Leading guitar manufacturer ESP has launched a groundbreaking addition to the Bill Kelliher Signature Series, introducing the LTD Royal Shiva just in time for NAMM 2024. Based on an earlier model extensively utilized by Mastodon’s renowned guitarist, Bill Kelliher, the Royal Shiva is a testament to ESP’s commitment to crafting high-quality signature guitars.

Constructed in collaboration with the ESP Custom Shop, the LTD Royal Shiva features a distinctive double-cutaway body design adorned with an exquisite Silver Sunburst finish that extends seamlessly to the neck and body’s back. The guitar’s aesthetic appeal is further enhanced by white binding meticulously applied to the neck, body, and headstock.

This signature model is a precise reflection of Kelliher’s specifications, showcasing a maple-capped mahogany body and a three-piece u-shaped maple neck. The guitar employs a traditional set neck construction with a 25″ scale, providing stability and resonance. The Macassar ebony fingerboard hosts 22 extra-jumbo frets and striking mother-of-pearl block inlays, contributing to both playability and visual allure.

The Royal Shiva is equipped with pro-tier nickel-finished hardware, including Bill Kelliher’s signature Mojotone Hellbender humbucker pickups, a TonePros TOM bridge and tailpiece, LTD locking tuners, a multi-ply black pickguard, and a bone nut.

The nickel-covered pickups are a sonic marvel, meticulously designed to strike a balance between sublime, articulate cleans and aggressive, malevolent metal tones. Featuring push-pull controls on the tone and volume knobs, the bridge and neck pickups can be individually split, providing musicians with a versatile range of tonal possibilities.

With its unique aesthetics, premium craftsmanship, and powerful electronics, the LTD Royal Shiva stands as a fitting tribute to Bill Kelliher’s distinctive style. This signature model exemplifies ESP’s dedication to delivering instruments that meet the exacting standards of accomplished musicians and enthusiasts alike. Guitar enthusiasts attending NAMM 2024 can experience the LTD Royal Shiva firsthand, exploring its innovative features and witnessing the marriage of artistry and functionality in this exceptional signature guitar.

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