Dedicated 89-Year-Old Pianist Brings Joy to Patients at Guangzhou Hospital

by Madonna

BEIJING — In a heartwarming display of altruism, 89-year-old Wu Pinxian, affectionately known as “Auntie Wu,” has been enchanting patients at the Guangzhou Panyu Central Hospital in Guangdong province with her weekly piano performances, as reported by CCTV News.

A resident of Panyu, Wu Pinxian, embarked on her volunteer piano journey in late 2023, drawing on her lifelong passion for music. A piano enthusiast since her school days, Wu seized the opportunity to contribute to her community when she learned of the hospital’s search for piano volunteers following her retirement.

Every Thursday morning, Auntie Wu graces the hospital’s outpatient department with her soulful melodies, creating a soothing ambiance for visitors seeking medical care. Hospital staff organize weekly piano performances and seasonal concerts to alleviate stress and provide solace to patients.

Wu’s musical talent has proven to be a powerful remedy, eliciting spontaneous sing-alongs, enthusiastic applause, and the development of a loyal audience among patients and their families. Recognizing the growing interest among children, Auntie Wu expanded her repertoire to include children’s songs, even taking the initiative to teach young aspiring pianists.

For nearly four months, Wu Pinxian has dedicated one and a half hours every Thursday to her musical duties, with only a brief pause during the colder weather. Undeterred by challenges, Wu, whose right eye is impaired, meticulously transcribes music scores into larger formats to facilitate her playing. She memorizes the compositions to ensure a seamless and enchanting performance.

Despite grappling with the recent loss of her husband in December, Auntie Wu remains resolute, asserting that life must persist. Volunteering at the hospital not only invokes nostalgic memories of her youth but also imparts warmth to others, reinforcing the value of life in the process.

Residing in a senior apartment complex, Wu practices the piano for three to four hours daily. Staff members note that her dedication serves as a positive influence on fellow seniors, inspiring them to pursue their passions regardless of age.

In Wu’s own words, as inscribed in her diary, “I think playing the piano allows the patients to listen to music, which provides them both physical and mental pleasure. Although I had not played the piano for a long time, it is good to play for others. I think we should do good deeds, and I will do my best.” Auntie Wu’s commitment to spreading joy through her music exemplifies the enduring power of kindness and the transformative impact of music on the human spirit.

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