Florida Man Strums Guitar Through Awake Craniotomy: Unprecedented Surgical Experience

by Madonna

In a remarkable medical feat, a Florida man played the guitar while undergoing brain tumor surgery, defying conventional expectations of being anesthetized during major surgical procedures.

The unconventional surgery, known as an awake craniotomy, involves performing brain surgery while the patient is conscious and able to communicate with the surgical team. The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine orchestrated this unique procedure, aiming to utilize the patient’s musical abilities for real-time assessment.


Reports from US-based media outlets disclosed that the neurological team overseeing the operation on Christian Nolen encouraged him to play musical notes on the guitar. This live interaction allowed them to monitor the surgery’s progression, a challenging task when the patient is under general anesthesia.


The medical team emphasized that Nolen’s guitar performance served a dual purpose: evaluating and safeguarding his manual dexterity while ensuring an aggressive approach to tumor removal. Dr. Ricardo Komotar, Director of the Brain Tumor Program at Sylvester, explained the rationale behind this innovative approach during an interview with Fox News Digital.


“Christian was experiencing issues with the left side of his body, particularly his left hand. He was noticing issues with his dexterity that affected his ability to play the guitar,” Komotar stated.

Nolen’s surgery aimed not only to confirm the diagnosis but also to determine the specific type of tumor, as each variant requires distinct treatment strategies. The surgical team successfully removed the tumor to the extent deemed feasible.

“When a tumor is situated near a critical part of the brain that controls speech, language comprehension, or movement, we opt for an awake surgery to continuously monitor the patient,” Komotar added. This approach allows immediate intervention if there is a risk of compromising normal brain functions.

Reflecting on the unprecedented experience, Nolen conveyed his initial disbelief in an email to Fox News Digital, stating, “It didn’t seem real. I’d only really heard of procedures of that nature being done in shows and movies. I felt like it was such a unique experience that I couldn’t pass up — especially with my motor skills being on the line.”

This pioneering surgery not only highlights the evolving landscape of medical procedures but also emphasizes the importance of personalized and innovative approaches to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients facing complex neurological challenges.


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