Multifaceted Artist Alleesha MacDonald Inspires Through Music Education

by Madonna

Beyond her captivating photography showcased on Routledge Road Creative, Alleesha MacDonald is unveiling another layer of her artistic prowess – her deep-rooted love for music. Not only is she a creative force behind the lens, but she has also embraced the role of a violin instructor, weaving melodies into the lives of aspiring musicians.

MacDonald’s musical journey traces back to her childhood, where the unwavering support of her parents and grandparents nurtured her early affinity for the arts. Gifted with a natural ability for pattern recognition, a crucial skill in mastering music, MacDonald embarked on a musical odyssey that became her sanctuary.


While not formally diagnosed, MacDonald acknowledges her struggles with non-verbal learning and sensory issues. In her own words, “Music naturally appealed or came natural to me when not a lot of other things do – middle C is always middle C on any piano anywhere, no matter the day of the week or who else was in the room.”


For MacDonald, music became a haven where she could express herself without the constraints of judgment, size, pace, or volume. Through her formative years, she contributed to the Virden District Choral/Sweet Debut, marking the beginning of her involvement in musical communities.


Her academic pursuits led her to the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music piano program, where she accomplished Grade 8 practical and Grade 2 theory – a solid foundation for her future role as a music instructor. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business at Brandon University, MacDonald engaged with the School of Music Collegium, playing the harpsichord, and earned a minor degree in drama.

A transformative moment occurred at the age of 20 when MacDonald decided to explore the world of violin. Ten years of dedicated learning with violin teacher Beth English, through the Suzuki program, unveiled her passion for old-time and Scottish fiddle tunes. As a member of the Brandon community orchestra, she graced various stages, including care homes and the Governor General’s Winter Fest in Brandon, contributing to the acclaimed “Fiddle Faddle.”

In her continuous pursuit of knowledge, MacDonald now wears the hat of a music teacher. Currently instructing four students, she blends her teaching role seamlessly with her full-time work, small farm responsibilities, and her photography endeavors.

With the upcoming Virden Music and Arts Festival this spring, MacDonald contemplates the possibility of her students gracing the festival stage. As the January entry deadline looms, the decision on their participation is imminent, showcasing MacDonald’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians in a positive, holistic, and individualized manner.


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