Chang Jingqi: Crafting Melodies and Dreams through Qide Musical Instruments

by Madonna

In the heart of Baixiang county, Xingtai, Hebei province, a harmonious dream is being orchestrated by the skilled hands of Chang Jingqi, a 61-year-old musical instrument maker and the visionary founder of Hebei Qide Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co. His relentless passion for music and craftsmanship has culminated in a journey to make the enchanting world of melodies accessible to all.

Chang’s journey began in a different realm, as a carpenter crafting furniture in his youth. A transformative encounter during a visit to Beijing altered the course of his life, exposing him to the intricate art of handmade violins. Struck by inspiration, Chang sought out a mentor to delve into the craftsmanship of these beautiful instruments.


Years of dedication and hard work led to the establishment of Hebei Qide Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co in 2005. Under the brand Qide Musical Instruments, Chang’s company specializes in producing, selling, and repairing a diverse range of musical instruments and related products, with a primary focus on stringed instruments like violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.


“At the outset, our instruments were primarily exported to foreign countries, with domestic customers mainly comprising music colleges and performance groups,” Chang reminisces. However, the landscape of musical instrument demand within China underwent a significant transformation. The burgeoning popularity and advancement of music education in first and second-tier cities led to an increased appetite for musical instruments domestically.


Chang’s vision of making music accessible to a broader audience found resonance as Qide Musical Instruments became a sought-after brand in response to the growing musical aspirations within China. From crafting intricate violins to providing repair services, Chang Jingqi’s dedication to his craft has not only shaped a successful business but has also contributed to the musical tapestry of his community and beyond.

As he continues to hone his skills and expand the reach of Qide Musical Instruments, Chang Jingqi remains steadfast in his mission to bring the joy of music to as many people as possible, proving that the harmonious resonance of passion and craftsmanship can create enduring melodies that transcend boundaries.


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