Former Mr. Bungle Saxophonist Faces Murder Charges in Connection to Girlfriend’s Death

by Madonna

Theobald Lengyel, a founding member and former saxophonist of the experimental rock band Mr. Bungle, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection to the disappearance and death of his girlfriend, Alice Kamakaokalani Herrmann, 61, also known as Alyx.

Ms. Herrmann was last seen in Santa Cruz, Calif., on December 3, as reported by the El Cerrito Police Department. After her family reported her missing on December 12, authorities began their investigation, leading to a disturbing discovery in a wooded area of Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley.


The Capitola Police Department, handling the case, stated that during their inquiry, Ms. Herrmann’s red Toyota Highlander SUV was located at Mr. Lengyel’s residence in El Cerrito, over an hour and 40 minutes away from Capitola. Human remains, still under identification, were found at the Tilden Regional Park site.


The police revealed that as the investigation progressed, it became evident that foul play was involved, eventually identifying Theobald Lengyel as the primary suspect. Lengyel, 54, also known by the pseudonym Mylo Stone, has not cooperated with authorities. The El Cerrito Police Department disclosed that they believe Lengyel left town and drove to Portland, Ore., following Ms. Herrmann’s disappearance.


The former Mr. Bungle saxophonist played a pivotal role in the band’s formation in the mid-1980s in Northern California. Initially starting as a metal band, Mr. Bungle transitioned towards an experimental and absurdist path, releasing their first album, “Mr. Bungle,” in 1991. Lengyel, known for his alto saxophone prowess, contributed to the album’s unique blend of progressive rock, punk, and funk.

Despite his departure from the band in the late 1990s, Mr. Bungle reunited and performed in Los Angeles in 2020, notably without the involvement of Lengyel. The circumstances surrounding Alyx Herrmann’s tragic demise have cast a shadow over the once avant-garde musician’s legacy, leaving both the music community and the public stunned by this unsettling turn of events.


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