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Chelsea Guo’s Exceptional Dual Talents Shine at Miami Piano Festival

by Madonna

In a captivating recital at the Aventura Art and Culture Center, Chelsea Guo showcased her remarkable dual talents as a pianist and lyric soprano, leaving a lasting impression on the audience attending the Miami International Piano Festival on a Sunday afternoon.

Guo’s musical prowess was first recognized in 2020 when she claimed the fourth prize at the American Chopin Competition in Miami. Despite the impressive accolade, her rendition of Chopin’s Concerto No. 2 during the final round sparked debates about the deserving nature of her placement, resonating with many attendees, including this writer.

The depth of Guo’s musical sensibility was evident from the opening notes of her recital. Possessing a firm pianistic technique, she seamlessly combined elegance, poetry, and passion in perfect harmony. Guo’s choice to open with Brahms’ Variations on An Original Theme showcased her boldness, delivering a rarely heard piece with an autumnal glow. Her interpretation revealed a profound understanding of the work’s structure, allowing each variation to flow organically into the next, emphasizing the score’s darker subtext with a svelte touch and pearly tone.

Moving through Clara Schumann’s Romances and three Rachmaninoff pieces, Guo’s light and feathery approach showcased her ability to navigate various musical styles. The second half of the program shifted focus to art song, unveiling Guo’s considerable vocal gifts. Mentored by Jason Ferrante and Barbara Bonney, she seamlessly transitioned between her roles as a pianist and a lyric soprano.

Guo’s lyric soprano, characterized by a gorgeous and seamless range, shone in the Rachmaninoff songs, emphasizing her idiomatic affinity for Russian romance. The emotional depth she brought to each piece, from the sorrowful aura of “Oh, do not sing, my beauty” to the passion of love and youth in “How Fair this Spot,” hinted at a potential future in opera.

The climax of the recital was Schumann’s song cycle Frauenliebe und Leben, where Guo’s voice took on a larger, more profound size and beauty. The portrayal of a youthful dream of love, joy, and despair at the death of a beloved showcased Guo’s versatility and emotional resonance.

The audience, appreciating the exceptional talent on display, offered a lengthy ovation. Guo returned to the stage for a final demonstration of her dual talents, delivering a vivid performance of Schumann’s radiant anthem of love for Clara, “Widmung,” while accompanying herself with Liszt’s piano transcription. Her strong and exact pianism paired with a fresh and refulgent voice confirmed Chelsea Guo as an artist worth experiencing both as a pianist and a singer.

The Miami International Piano Festival continues with Jacob Mason’s performance at the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach on January 27, featuring a diverse program including Bach’s Overture in the French Style and Brahms’ Study for left hand after Bach’s Chaconne.

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