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Across The Pond Guitar Festival Unites Global Virtuosos

by Madonna

Renowned New Orleans guitarist, Jimmy Robinson, is set to curate yet another spellbinding edition of the Across The Pond Guitar Festival, set to unfold in three diverse cities this January. The festival’s headliners include internationally acclaimed guitar virtuosos Gavino Loche from Italy and Adrian Raso from Canada, accompanied by The New Orleans Guitar Masters, featuring the talents of John Rankin, Cranston Clements, and the festival’s curator, Mr. Jimmy Robinson.

Having graced stages across Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., this trio guarantees an extraordinary musical experience. The festival, a well-established fixture in the New Orleans area for several years, also left an indelible mark in Amsterdam during its 2019 edition.

Mark your calendars for the 2024 tour, with performances scheduled for January 17 at Atlanta, GA’s Tzadik Performing Arts Center; January 19 at the historic 100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis, MS; and January 20 at Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans.

Let’s meet the featured performers:

Gavino Loche, an award-winning acoustic guitar phenom, is known for his unique sound that emulates the brilliance of two exceptional guitarists playing in harmony. His style combines percussive sounds, tapping, and extraordinary fingerstyle arrangements, earning praise from Chitarra Acustica.

Adrian Raso, a maestro of a unique blend of Gypsy Jazz and Rockabilly on both acoustic and electric guitars, captivates audiences with his repertoire spanning Django Reinhardt, flamenco, and decades of Americana. Described as having a playing style that “grabs you and never lets go,” Raso’s artistry has become synonymous with addiction, according to World Music Central.

Jimmy Robinson, a seasoned guitarist and veteran soloist, takes the stage to perform his intricate compositions. His performances are a fusion of talent, emotion, and pure musicianship, described by critics as “nothing short of brilliant.”

The Across The Pond Guitar Festival promises to be a celebration of global musical prowess, bringing together diverse talents for a unique and unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts across the United States.

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