Steinway & Sons Introduces Exclusive Dubai Opera Edition Piano

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In a landmark collaboration, Steinway & Sons Hamburg, in conjunction with House of Pianos Dubai and Dubai Opera, has unveiled the highly anticipated Steinway Dubai Opera Edition piano, the latest addition to the prestigious Steinway Concert Hall Series. This distinguished series, known for honoring iconic concert halls worldwide, including the Elbphilharmonie in Germany, the Shanghai Opera in China, and the Royal Albert Hall in the UK, now includes the renowned Dubai Opera, solidifying its global musical significance.

House of Pianos: A Melodic Oasis

Since its inception in 2012, House of Pianos UAE has served as the exclusive home for Steinway & Sons Pianos in the region. Functioning as a musical hub, it has played a pivotal role in nurturing a vibrant community of musicians across the UAE and the broader GCC region.


Unveiling the Steinway Dubai Opera Edition

The Steinway Dubai Opera Edition made its official debut on January 11, 2024, in a spectacular launch event featuring a concert by the acclaimed French-Georgian pianist, Khatia Buniatishvili, at the Dubai Opera. This limited edition series comprises 7 Steinway concert grands D-274 and 7 Steinway grands model B-211. Each piano is a meticulous masterpiece crafted over 18 months, paying homage to the Dubai Opera, the seven emirates of the UAE, and regional cultural symbols such as the Arabesque pattern and dhow sailing vessels. Modernity meets tradition as these pianos are equipped with the Steinway SPIRIO | r technology, allowing for high-resolution playback and performance capture.


Buniatishvili’s Pop-Up Stage and Concert Series

Following the launch, Buniatishvili is scheduled to present a pop-up stage at the Dubai Mall on January 12th, kicking off a series of Spirio and live concerts over the next six weeks. These events promise a musical extravaganza for both residents and visitors of the city.


Reflecting on this collaboration, Guido Zimmermann, President of Steinway & Sons Europe, expressed immense pride. He described the creation of this unique instrument as a fusion of art, music, and architecture, paying tribute to the cultural significance of the Dubai Opera. Zimmermann anticipates the Steinway Dubai Opera Edition to become a coveted collector’s item for music enthusiasts worldwide.


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