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Renowned Violinist David Garrett: A Decade of Triumphs, Dreams, and “Smooth Criminal” in Exclusive CGTN Interview

by Madonna

In a riveting reunion, CGTN Host Louisa Lee sits down with the virtuoso violinist David Garrett, hailed as one of the “best violinists of his generation.” A decade after their initial meeting, the celebrated musician returns for an exclusive interview in the heart of China’s Shenzhen, offering a nostalgic reflection on his illustrious career.

David Garrett, known for shattering records and transcending musical boundaries, has left an indelible mark with achievements such as selling 4.5 million albums and surpassing the 6 billion streams benchmark. Louisa Lee, the seasoned CGTN host, dives deep into the maestro’s experiences over the past ten years, exploring the highs and challenges of his recent world tour.

The interview promises an intimate glimpse into Garrett’s inner world, delving into his dreams, desires, aims, and ambitions. From the heights of his musical triumphs to the personal aspirations that drive him, the conversation unfolds as a tapestry of insights into the life of a virtuoso dedicated to his craft.

A highlight not to be missed is Garrett’s live performance, treating the audience to his rendition of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Smooth Criminal.” As the strings of his violin bring a new dimension to the classic, the interview transcends words, capturing the essence of Garrett’s artistry and his ability to breathe fresh life into timeless melodies.

As CGTN invites viewers to witness this exclusive encounter between Louisa Lee and David Garrett, it marks a momentous occasion where past and present converge, and the magic of music takes center stage. Brace yourself for a captivating journey through the violinist’s remarkable decade, filled with passion, perseverance, and the timeless allure of masterful violin compositions.

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