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Ada Witczyk Revives Baroque Elegance with New Album, “New Baroque”

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From a three-year-old’s fascination with Vanessa-Mae on TV to becoming a trailblazing Baroque violinist, Ada Witczyk’s musical journey is both unconventional and inspiring. Raised in Poland, Witczyk’s passion for the violin blossomed at the age of 6, leading her to a state-sponsored music school. Despite not having a musical background at home, she found solace and joy in the world of music.

“I always just liked the sound of music, and especially if it’s not something that people around you do, it’s like your own thing,” reflects Witczyk. “Then you have a new group of friends who do the same thing with you.”

Driven by a distaste for boredom, Witczyk’s creative spirit led her to explore various facets of her artistry. After completing her studies in London, she ventured into the historical performance scene, embracing the Baroque violin. Intrigued by the unique features of the Baroque setup – a stripped-down prototype of the modern violin – she was captivated by its simplicity and expressive qualities.

Witczyk’s latest endeavor, an album titled “New Baroque,” set to release on January 26, marks a significant milestone in her career. The album features compositions commissioned from winners of the Růžičková Composition Competition, an annual event she and her partner initiated during the pandemic to inspire new music for Baroque violin and harpsichord.

With a desire to make classical music more accessible, Witczyk turned to social media and YouTube, where she shared videos promoting the competition and showcasing performances of the winning pieces. These efforts, she believes, act as a bridge for those who find classical traditions intimidating.

“If you go to my YouTube, where we uploaded the competition videos, there’s hundreds and hundreds of comments that say, ‘You know what, normally I don’t listen to classical music, or it’s not something that I know how to approach, but I really liked this piece of music,’” she shares.

As she anticipates the release of “New Baroque,” Witczyk acknowledges a mix of excitement and trepidation, akin to an expectant parent awaiting the world’s reception of their creation.

“I can’t imagine because I don’t have children,” she says. “But when you have a baby, you spend so much time taking care of them and thinking how to best help them. Then, of course, you love your project, and you love what you’ve created, but you don’t know what people will think about it.”

Ada Witczyk’s fearless exploration of Baroque elegance not only breathes new life into classical compositions but also serves as an invitation for a diverse audience to embrace the beauty of her art.

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