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Revolutionizing Saxophones: Transforming a Sax into a MIDI Controller

by Madonna

Traditionally, MIDI controllers are associated with keyboards or sophisticated button pads. However, [AndrewChi] has taken a different route, transforming a saxophone into a mesmerizing MIDI interface, offering a unique musical experience. The challenge lies in the fact that saxophones are rarely MIDI-compatible, but this innovative build changes the game.

The core of this digitized saxophone is the SparkFun ESP32 Thing, serving as the brains behind the operation. To detect key actions, Hall effect sensors (specifically, the Texas Instruments DRV5023 for its unipolar operation, short output delay, and fast rise time) are employed. Rapid response is crucial for musical applications, making these sensors an ideal choice. The saxophone is not only equipped with the basic keys for MIDI notes but also features additional octave controls to enhance its range.

The implementation involves attaching sensors and magnets to both the saxophone and keys using Sugru, creating a reliable and responsive MIDI controller. The ESP32 facilitates the wireless transmission of MIDI data via Bluetooth, providing the performer with the utmost freedom during their musical endeavors.

This project not only showcases technical ingenuity but also opens up new possibilities for wind instrument enthusiasts to explore the world of digital synthesizers in an intuitive and engaging manner. [AndrewChi]’s creation adds a unique and exciting dimension to the realm of MIDI controllers, proving that innovation knows no bounds in the world of music technology.

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