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Tragic Loss of Promising Violinist Veronika Jugasová at 19

by Madonna

It is with heavy hearts that we report the untimely and tragic passing of Veronika Jugasová, a talented 19-year-old violinist. Veronika, a student of Mr. George Fisher at the Prague Conservatoire, had been receiving regular private lessons and was a dedicated pupil.

Her violin teacher shared the heartbreaking news, expressing deep regret over the loss of his beloved student and friend. Veronika was expected to attend her violin class on the fateful day of November 21, but, tragically, she took her own life. Described as a “ray of sunshine,” Veronika was remembered as a smart, intelligent, and happy young woman.

Pavel Šporcl, a renowned soloist, also mourned Veronika’s passing, recalling her successful participation in the Kocian Violin Competition. He remembered her as a beautiful and smiling presence, expressing sincere condolences to her mother and extending sympathies to the teachers at the Prague Conservatory, including Mrs. Prof. Dana Vlachová and Professor George Fisher.

The music community grieves the loss of a promising talent, and our thoughts are with Veronika’s family, friends, and mentors during this difficult time. The impact of her musical journey will undoubtedly be remembered and cherished by those who knew her.

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