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Sanghoon Lee Assumes Leadership at Violin Making School of America

by Madonna

The Violin Making School of America (VMSA) has undergone a significant transition with the appointment of Sanghoon Lee as its new owner, director, and head instructor. Lee takes over these crucial roles from Charles Woolf, who has been steering the VMSA since 1991 and has recently retired.

Sanghoon Lee, a 2004 graduate of VMSA, brings a wealth of experience to his new positions. Following his studies, he further honed his craft in violin restoration at the renowned Peter Prier violin shop. Lee’s dedication and talent have been acknowledged with several honors, including the Silver Medal for Violin Tone at the 2010 Violin Society of America competition.

Founded in 1972 by Peter Paul Prier, the Violin Making School of America has its roots in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the years, the school has graduated 168 luthiers, boasting a distinguished alumni list that includes accomplished violinmakers like Jeff Phillips, the gold medalist of the 2014 Violin Society of America Competition.

The school expressed its enthusiasm for this transformative moment, stating, “Congratulations to the new owner, director, and head instructor of the Violin Making School of America, Sanghoon Lee! We are excited for this new chapter in the history of VMSA.”

In a symbolic passing of the torch, Charles Woolf, during a small ceremony at the school, presented Sanghoon with a VMSA apron, representing the transfer of knowledge and successes accumulated over Woolf’s many years as owner and head instructor.

The school also took the opportunity to extend heartfelt congratulations to Charles Woolf on his retirement, acknowledging his significant contributions to the world of violin making. As Sanghoon Lee assumes leadership, the VMSA looks forward to continued excellence and innovation in the art of crafting exceptional violins.

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