Dave Matthews Band Thrills Hometown Crowd with Special Guests in Charlottesville Shows

by Madonna

Charlottesville, VA – Dave Matthews Band made a triumphant return to their hometown over the weekend, gracing the stage at John Paul Jones Arena for a pair of unforgettable shows. The concerts on Friday and Saturday nights featured two esteemed guests, Trombone Shorty and the familiar presence of John D’earth, enhancing the musical tapestry with their unique contributions.

Friday, November 10, kicked off with the debut opening performance of “Busted Stuff.” The band seamlessly transitioned into jam-packed renditions of both originals and Led Zeppelin’s “Fool in the Rain,” followed by a diverse selection of songs spanning their discography. Following “Madman’s Eyes,” John D’earth, a trumpeter closely associated with the band, joined the stage for collaborations on “Proudest Mary” and “Satellite.”


Returning to their core lineup with “The Only Thing,” the band welcomed Trombone Shorty to the stage for electrifying performances of “Crush” and “Louisiana Bayou.” The encore for the night began with Dave Matthews’ solo rendition of Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe,” followed by a full band delivery of “Grey Street” to conclude the evening.


Saturday, November 11, unfolded similarly, with guests making appearances later in the set after a sequence of crowd-pleasing numbers. John D’earth reappeared, contributing to a cover of Daniel Lanois’ “The Marker” paired with “Warehouse.” The band treated the audience to “Looking for a Vein” and “Spaceman” before welcoming back Trombone Shorty. Together, they ignited the stage with “Jimi Thing,” seamlessly transitioning into a cover of the Commodores’ “Brick House” and concluding the set with “Ants Marching.” The original lineup returned for the encore, featuring “Sister” and “Two Step.”


Following the hometown shows, Dave Matthews Band is set to continue their musical journey with a two-night sold-out stand at the Mohegan Sun, building anticipation for their return to Madison Square Garden. The Charlottesville concerts not only showcased the band’s enduring appeal but also underscored the power of collaboration, as they seamlessly integrated the talents of Trombone Shorty and John D’earth into their iconic sound.


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