Renowned Saxophonist Kenny G to Contribute Cherished Saxophone for Charity Auction in Vietnam

by Madonna

Hanoi, Vietnam – Jazz icon Kenny G, the legendary saxophonist, has announced his intention to donate a cherished saxophone during his upcoming tour in Vietnam. The instrument will be auctioned, with the proceeds dedicated to supporting individuals facing challenging circumstances, particularly children, in the country.

Kenny G, 63, touched down in Hanoi on November 12, gearing up for his performance in the capital city on November 14. His much-anticipated concert will serve as the kickoff for “Good Morning Vietnam,” an international music project aimed at contributing to the Vietnamese community.


The initiative, envisioned as an annual event, not only brings world-class music to Vietnam but also channels all generated proceeds into charitable activities overseen by the hosting newspaper.


This marks Kenny G’s second tour in Vietnam, following his initial visit in 2015. The performance, titled “Kenny G Live in Vietnam,” is a key component of the “Good Morning Vietnam” project and is slated to captivate audiences for over two hours at the National Convention Centre in Nam Tu Liem district.


During the show, the Grammy Awards winner and his accompanying band will enchant the audience with renditions of his renowned compositions, including classics like “Going Home,” “Havana,” “Romeo & Juliet,” and “My Heart Will Go On.” In a special gesture, Kenny G will also showcase his appreciation for Vietnamese culture by playing a traditional folk song.

Kenny G, an American composer and saxophone virtuoso, boasts an impressive repertoire of instrumental music pieces. With over 75 million records sold worldwide, he stands as one of the best-selling artists of all time. His name remains etched in the memories of the Vietnamese audience, having left an indelible mark during the 1990s.

As the musical maestro shares his artistry once again with the Vietnamese audience, the charitable aspect of his donation adds a meaningful dimension to the event, promising to uplift the lives of those in need.


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