Renowned Flutist’s Prized Instrument Stolen: Urgent Appeal for Assistance

by Madonna

A distressing incident has left renowned flutist Katherine Bryan of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra with her beloved instrument stolen. The heartbreaking incident occurred on the 9.34 train to Brighton, between Platform 3 at Farringdon and East Croydon Station.

The stolen instrument, a Brannen silver Millenium 5320, is of immense personal and professional significance to Katherine. It features a silver Lafin headjoint with a gold lip plate.


Katherine Bryan, a celebrated principal flute with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, has reached out to the community for assistance in locating her cherished flute. The instrument’s sentimental and artistic value cannot be overstated, and its theft is a devastating loss for the talented musician.


The flute was secured in a beige rucksack at the time of the theft. The incident occurred during the journey, and the details are currently being investigated by the authorities.


Katherine Bryan and the entire musical community are appealing for the public’s support in recovering the stolen flute. Anyone with information about the missing instrument or the incident is encouraged to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

The loss of this exceptional instrument not only impacts the artist but also resonates throughout the world of classical music. The theft is a poignant reminder of the importance of protecting and preserving the instruments that bring beauty and artistry to our lives.

Katherine Bryan, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and the music community at large are unified in their hope for the safe return of the stolen flute. The support and cooperation of the public in this matter are deeply appreciated.

For any information related to the stolen flute, please contact the local authorities, who are actively working to resolve this unfortunate incident.


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