Vox Unveils Innovative VGA-5TD Giulietta Guitar with Sound Modelling

by Madonna

Vox, the acclaimed musical instrument manufacturer, is making waves with the introduction of the VGA-5TD Giulietta, an archtop model guitar that seamlessly integrates its groundbreaking AREOS-D sound modelling system. Alongside this remarkable innovation, Vox is also rekindling the spirit of the classic Phantom body shape with an exciting addition to their mini travel guitar range.

The VGA-5TD Giulietta takes a smaller-bodied approach to the archtop design, paired with a full-scale neck, aimed at broadening its appeal while reducing feedback susceptibility. However, the true magic of this instrument lies in the AREOS-D technology, which pushes the boundaries of sonic possibilities for the VGA-5TD, transcending conventional archtop electric guitar expectations.


This cutting-edge guitar boasts both magnetic and piezo pickups, further enhanced by a selector switch that grants access to a rich palette of 18 modelled sounds. These sounds include synth tones, complemented by onboard reverb and overdrive effects. Additionally, a Tune-O-Matic-style bridge is integrated, featuring individual string piezo pickups. The Vox XLM humbucker pickup is designed to offer a more traditional electric guitar experience.


“With a wide array of sounds at your fingertips, there’s no need to carry a banjo, sitar, resonator guitar, or other instruments that may only be used once or twice during a performance,” notes Vox.


The VGA-5TD also addresses a common issue with archtop acoustic guitars by including a detachable string mute, effectively preventing the piezo from capturing the lingering vibrations of strings between the bridge and tailpiece.

The VGA-5TD Giulietta is available in three captivating finishes: Pearl Orange, Natural/Metallic, and Faded Silver, and is priced at £899.

In addition to this innovative guitar release, Vox is satisfying fans of the iconic ’60s Phantom model with a scaled-down yet authentic reissue, the new Mark V Mini.

This three-quarter-scale guitar features an accessible regular-sized nut and can be played in standard tuning with heavier gauge strings. Priced at £199, the Mark V Mini boasts single-coil pickups with a three-way selector, high-quality 18:1 ratio tuners, and is available in striking black and white finishes.

Vox’s commitment to innovation and a nod to the classics continues to excite musicians and collectors alike, offering a diverse range of musical instruments to suit every style and preference.


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