Neave Piano Trio to Enchant Ridgecrest at Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society Concert

by Madonna

The Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society is thrilled to announce a musical extravaganza featuring the Grammy Award-nominated Neave Piano Trio as part of its 2023-24 concert series. The enchanting performance is scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 12, at 4 p.m., and will be hosted at the picturesque Ridgecrest United Methodist Church, located at 639 N. Norma St.

Audiences can anticipate an enchanting and lyrical program that will transport them into a world of visual and auditory splendor. The repertoire will include “Soir et matin for Piano Trio” by the talented Mel Bonis, a captivating four-movement piano trio composed by Reena Esmail, and the beloved “La Mer” by Claude Debussy, thoughtfully arranged by Sally Beamish. Notably, all three of these remarkable composers are women who have masterfully created compositions that transcend traditional boundaries, painting vivid musical experiences.


The Neave Piano Trio, renowned for their impeccable artistry, consists of violin, cello, and piano, and they have graced esteemed concert series and festivals across the globe. Their performances are marked by a harmonious spirit and impressive virtuosity, promising to deliver an enjoyable and memorable experience to all in attendance. With passion, conviction, and cutting-edge musicality, Neave has earned a well-deserved Grammy nomination for their exceptional talents.


As a part of a cherished tradition started last year, the audience will be treated to a brief program presented by local music students from the valley. This heartwarming prelude serves as an introduction to the featured concert by the Neave Piano Trio, fostering a connection between established artists and emerging talents.


The Ridgecrest Chamber Music Society takes immense pride in bringing such outstanding musicians and programs to the Ridgecrest community. Moreover, they express their gratitude to the artists who generously provide educational programs to local students, all at no cost to these young minds.

The society extends its heartfelt appreciation to its dedicated patrons who continuously support the mission of enriching the Ridgecrest area with beautiful and inspiring music. Furthermore, their commitment to music education for the students of this community is a testament to the enduring power of music to uplift and unite. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the Neave Piano Trio’s enchanting performance, a gift to the Ridgecrest community.


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