Jin-Teng Dragon Lion Drum Art Group Ignites Taipei with Spectacular Drum Performance

by Madonna

In a captivating preview of the upcoming Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center festival, the renowned Jin-Teng Dragon Lion Drum Art Group mesmerized audiences in Taipei’s vibrant Shilin District. The mesmerizing performance, which took place yesterday, served as a spirited teaser for the highly anticipated festival set to unfold at the center on November 11 and 12.

The event showcased the cultural richness and artistic excellence that have made Taiwan’s traditional theater a global sensation. The Jin-Teng Dragon Lion Drum Art Group, with their precision and flair, symbolizes the heart and soul of this centuries-old tradition.


This upcoming festival promises to be a celebration of epic proportions, with more than 20 temples and troupes poised to participate. These performers, steeped in the timeless traditions of Taiwan’s cultural heritage, will grace the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center with their extraordinary talents.


Mark your calendars for November 11 and 12, as this festival will be a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the captivating world of Taiwan’s traditional theater. Be prepared to witness performances that seamlessly blend history, culture, and artistry, bringing to life the essence of this vibrant island’s traditions.


As the Jin-Teng Dragon Lion Drum Art Group’s captivating performance demonstrated, this festival is destined to be a cultural extravaganza that will leave attendees enthralled and inspired.


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