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Jesse McGuire: The Trumpet Player Bringing Luck to the Diamondbacks

by Madonna

PHOENIX – Jesse McGuire, a professional musician, and a cherished figure at Chase Field, has serenaded fans with the national anthem at some of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ most significant games. For McGuire, it’s an honor that holds immense significance. He expressed, “It means the world to me. Tremendous trust and confidence in me and respect. I owe that back to the country and the D-backs, especially.”

McGuire is most renowned for his performance of the national anthem before Game 7 of the 2001 World Series when the D-backs emerged victorious against the New York Yankees. Even 22 years later, that performance remains a topic of discussion. McGuire reflected, “The Game 7 of the World Series, to me, was just another game until I realized the magnitude of what I just did. All of a sudden, it hit me, and I almost collapsed between home plate and the dugout on my way back from the field.”

The D-backs’ World Series triumph ignited a lasting affection between the Phoenix-based trumpet player and fans, who regard McGuire as the team’s good luck charm. The belief in his lucky charm status is underpinned by the many crucial games the team has won when McGuire has played. Despite being a seminary pastor, McGuire is open to the idea of luck. He said, “It just depends on how people feel and what they believe. Whatever I can give the team, or any team, to help them get over the hump and win that game, call it what you will, that’s what it is.”

Last week, McGuire’s good fortune was on display when he performed the national anthem before the Diamondbacks’ playoff game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, which the D-backs won. This success has led to an invitation for McGuire to play the national anthem at Chase Field for the D-backs’ National League Championship Series game against the Phillies on Thursday. He remains ever enthusiastic about performing in front of the fans, stating, “I will come back as long as they call me. If they have to wheel me out and prop me up in front of a mic, I’ll always be available to the Arizona Diamondbacks, forever.”

Jesse McGuire’s music and his presence have become an indelible part of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ tradition and an inspiration to fans, players, and the entire baseball community.

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