ULM Assistant Professor of Trumpet Receives Rave Reviews for Two New Albums

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Monroe, LA – Dr. Eric Siereveld, the Assistant Professor of Trumpet at the University of Louisiana Monroe’s School of Visual and Performing Arts, is basking in the well-deserved acclaim for his recent musical endeavors. Siereveld’s contributions to the world of music have taken the form of two remarkable albums that have garnered significant praise.

His album titled “Vignettes: Music for Trumpet and Brass” has received exceptional reviews from the International Trumpet Guild Journal, a globally recognized publication known for its support and critical evaluation of instrumentalists. One review in the journal described the recording as featuring “beautiful playing of interesting works that deserve programming on future trumpet recitals.”


Through “Vignettes,” Siereveld masterfully paints delicate musical pictures that resonate with audiences. The album includes a lyrical composition titled “For Ella,” dedicated to celebrating the life of his beloved dog, and “Mountain Idyll,” which captures the breathtaking beauty of nature’s mountains. A haunting melody called “Free to Be” features a somber trumpet melody accompanied by recorded voices of trailblazers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other women’s rights activists.


Siereveld expressed his gratitude, saying, “Vignettes would not have been possible without the tremendous contributions from my colleagues, the composers, the recording engineer, Robin D. Williams’ artwork, and of course the Biedenharn Endowed Professorship in Music. It’s my sincere hope that the music on this album uplifts and captivates listeners for years to come.”


In addition to “Vignettes: Music for Trumpet and Brass,” another exceptional album emerged. Comprising select faculty members from the School of Visual and Performing Arts, the ensemble known as Black Bayou Brass created an album named “Vibrant Colors.” This collaborative effort, which features compositions for brass, piano, and voice, has also received glowing reviews.

“Vibrant Colors” showcases the recordings and compositions of the renowned brass composer, Douglas Hedwig. The album offers a diverse musical journey through various settings for brass quintet, solo trumpet, brass octet, and trumpet ensemble.

For the realization and release of “Vibrant Colors,” Siereveld played a pivotal role as the personnel manager and project coordinator, working alongside Douglas Hedwig. These albums stand as a testament to Siereveld’s and his colleagues’ dedication to creating music that resonates with audiences and continues to receive the recognition it richly deserves.


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