Meet Alzanedrio: The 13-Year-Old Trumpeter With a Passion for Music

by Madonna

From a young age, music has coursed through the veins of Alzanedrio Willemse, a talented 13-year-old trumpeter, whose love for music has already ignited a promising future.

“I grew up in the quiet town of Kariega, where there aren’t many musicians or professional instrument players,” Alzanedrio reflects. “But two years ago, at the tender age of 11, my dad taught me how to play the trumpet, and I haven’t looked back since.”


Though still in primary school, Alzanedrio has unwavering confidence in his aspirations. He dreams of becoming a professional trumpeter, a path he is determined to pursue with unrelenting dedication. “I have a deep love for this craft, and I’m fully aware that consistent hard work can lead me to success. My hope is to inspire others who share a similar passion and wish to make a career out of it,” he adds.


Amidst the rigors of school, young Alzanedrio spends his free time captivating audiences with his trumpet skills. “I perform at various community events, and most notably, at church,” he mentions with enthusiasm. “Playing at church holds a special place in my heart.”


When asked about his favorite piece to perform, he smiles and mentions “The Church has one Foundation.” It’s a spiritually resonant composition and holds the distinction of being one of the first songs he mastered on the trumpet.

Supported by his loving family, school, and community, Alzanedrio’s friends are also among his most ardent cheerleaders. Many of his peers are accomplished musicians in their own right, and they often come together for practice and collaboration.

“When I perform at church, some of my friends who don’t typically attend church services come to support me,” Alzanedrio notes appreciatively. “I’m profoundly grateful for their encouragement. I pray that God blesses all of us so that we can become exceptional musicians, inspire many, and make our parents proud.”

Alzanedrio’s early dedication to music and his heartfelt commitment to inspiring others make him a rising star to watch. His journey as a trumpeter is just beginning, and there’s no doubt that he will continue to impress and inspire with his extraordinary talent and unwavering passion for music.


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