Trombone Shorty and New Breed Brass Band: An Evening of Music and Conversation

by Madonna

The GRAMMY Museum is excited to announce an exceptional evening of music and dialogue featuring the dynamic duo of Trombone Shorty and New Breed Brass Band. This special event will take place in the intimate 200-seat Clive Davis Theater, offering an up-close and personal experience for attendees. The night promises a thought-provoking conversation with Trombone Shorty, also known as Troy Andrews, and Jenard Andrews, the bandleader and snare-drummer of New Breed Brass Band. The discussion will delve into their remarkable collaboration, recent album releases, and much more. Following the conversation, a captivating live performance will round out the evening.

About Trombone Shorty:

Trombone Shorty, born as Troy Andrews, is a musician who needs no introduction in the world of festivals and live performances. His journey began at a remarkably young age when, at four, he graced the stage at Jazz Fest, sharing it with the legendary Bo Diddley. By the age of six, he was leading his own brass band, and during his teenage years, he was enlisted by none other than Lenny Kravitz to join his band for the Electric Church World Tour. Trombone Shorty’s versatility extends far beyond the horn. He has demonstrated time and again that he is not just a musician but a magnetic showman. His charisma, stage presence, and innate ability to command an audience have earned him a well-deserved spot in the limelight.


Over the years, Trombone Shorty has released five chart-topping studio albums, graced stages alongside the likes of Jeff Beck, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pharrell, Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Foo Fighters, and many more. He has performed at prestigious events such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and the White House, among others. Trombone Shorty’s influence has even reached Sesame Street, where he was honored with his own Muppet. Beyond his music career, he founded the Trombone Shorty Foundation to support youth music education and received the esteemed Caldecott Honor for his first children’s book. In New Orleans, he leads his Mardi Gras parade, hosts the annual Voodoo Threauxdown shows, and has taken the helm of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival’s closing act.


His most recent musical endeavor is the 2022 release, “Lifted.”


About New Breed Brass Band:

New Breed Brass Band presents a fresh take on the New Orleans sound with their debut album, “Made In New Orleans,” released in April 2023. Produced by Trombone Shorty and recorded at his Buckjump Studio in New Orleans, this album showcases their signature sound, influenced by a diverse array of artists. While their roots in New Orleans music are evident with influences from bands like Rebirth Brass Band and Soul Rebels Brass Band, they infuse funk arrangements reminiscent of Earth, Wind & Fire and Tower Of Power. Their rhythmic nuances draw inspiration from Cuban jazz, New Orleans bounce beats, and even rock drummers like Dave Grohl. This is second line music that engages in a musical dialogue with genres ranging from Caribbean rhythms to modern R&B, reminiscent of Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak’s Silk Sonic.

New Breed Brass Band consists of Jenard Andrews (bandleader and snare-drummer), Revon Andrews (trombone), Mike Brooks (sousaphone), Yirma Yisrael and Orlando Gilbert (saxophone), Emanuel Mitchell and Chris Cotton (trumpet), and Tyreek Andrews and George Brown (bass drum). Born into the world of second-line music, Jenard Andrews is the son of the renowned New Orleans trumpeter James Andrews. Their journey commenced on the streets of New Orleans in November 2013 at the Nine Times Second Line, and since then, they have displayed their unique style, touring in North America and Europe and sharing the stage with an eclectic range of bands.

With “Made In New Orleans,” New Breed Brass Band forges a path for 21st-century second lines, and the invitation is open for music enthusiasts to follow their lead down the mesmerizing parade route. Don’t miss this incredible evening celebrating music and innovation at its finest.


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