Longstoryshort Pushes Boundaries and Unleashes Sonic Chaos with Latest Single

by Madonna

Prepare to be engulfed in a whirlwind of sonic experimentation as longstoryshort releases their electrifying single “UPUPUP,” a track that dares to blend genres and redefine the limits of drum and bass.

“UPUPUP” emerges as an intricate fusion of drum and bass, techno, and even a touch of hardstyle influence, defying easy categorization. longstoryshort, the creative force behind the track, aptly describes it as “pure chaos,” a statement that encapsulates the explosive energy it exudes.


With an undeniable nod to the core elements of drum and bass, “UPUPUP” pulses with an unrelenting energy. The bassline charges ahead with a blistering pace, while the track’s rhythmic complexity highlights the meticulous craftsmanship behind its creation. The marriage of vigorous basslines and a subtle touch of distortion results in a unique and irresistible intensity that demands attention.


longstoryshort’s versatility shines brightly on “UPUPUP,” further solidifying their position as a rising star in the realm of dance music. The track serves as a testament to their willingness to explore new sonic territories and masterfully blend genres. This adeptness has gained the artist recognition from notable figures in the industry, with Dr. Fresch and Don Diablo acknowledging longstoryshort’s prowess.


Since their debut with “Back to the Start” in 2019, longstoryshort has embarked on a dynamic musical journey, leaving a trail of groundbreaking EPs, singles, and remixes. Their ability to weave narratives through their music has caught the attention of esteemed labels, earning them a place in the playlists of music enthusiasts worldwide.

longstoryshort’s creative prowess extends beyond genre boundaries, skillfully blending cinematic bass, hip-hop, and house influences to craft an immersive musical experience. Notably, their EP “redemption” on JustUs Records showcases their narrative finesse. Having commanded stages at Ultra Miami and EDC Las Vegas, longstoryshort continues to captivate in 2023, now revealing an emotive melodic house EP on Insomniac Records. With every release, longstoryshort stands as a testament to the power of musical storytelling, producing tales that reverberate far beyond the confines of speakers.


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