Carmine Appice: A Drumming Pioneer Reflects on Influence and Legacy

by Madonna

In a recent interview with Marci Wiser from 95.5 KLOS radio station, renowned drummer Carmine Appice delved into the elements of his playing style that have resonated across generations, influencing iconic rock drummers such as Neil Peart, Roger Taylor, Phil Collins, and John Bonham. Appice shared his insights on how his pioneering approach left an indelible mark on the rock music landscape, a sentiment transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

With a career spanning decades, Appice attributed his influence to his longstanding presence in the music scene. Harkening back to the late 1960s, he highlighted the challenging conditions of that era, characterized by limited monitor systems and scant PA setups. In order to project his sound, he recounted the necessity to deliver forceful beats, sparking his decision to adopt a larger bass drum for amplified resonance. This innovation gained traction through artists like Dino Danelli of THE RASCALS, and Appice took it a step further, procuring a booming 26-inch bass drum from a pawn shop. This bold choice not only escalated volume but also spurred a distinctive playing style marked by robust impacts, a style that emerged organically out of the need for audibility.


“Out of Necessity, I Forged a Signature Sound”:

Appice clarified that his approach wasn’t a conscious endeavor to reinvent drumming, but rather an adaptation born out of necessity. This distinctive approach garnered admirers like John Bonham, who found inspiration in Appice’s unrelenting technique. Gradually, a movement emerged where fellow drummers began to adopt this resonant, impactful playing style. Appice regarded the circumstances of that era as pioneering, and he embraced his role in shaping the sonic landscape of rock music.


Legacy Echoes Through Time:

Appice cited a notable example of his influence through a connection to VAN HALEN’s iconic track “Hot For Teacher.” In a YouTube interview discussing the album “1984,” Eddie Van Halen acknowledged the influence of CACTUS’ song “Parchman Farm,” specifically citing it as a template for their own creation. The revelation resonated deeply with Appice, reflecting the pioneering essence of his musical journey.


A Ripple Effect:

From claims of inspiring John Bonham’s famous triplet bass drum motif to cementing his own signature style, Appice’s influence has rippled across musical history. He elucidated that while he may share certain stylistic traits with Bonham, his journey predates the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer’s emergence. The legacy of Appice’s playing endures through his distinctive sound and the wave of inspiration he ignited among his peers.

As Carmine Appice continues to reflect on his prolific career, his impact as a drumming pioneer remains undeniable, shaping the evolution of rock percussion and leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.


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