Inman and Cole Collaborate, Present Captivating Flute and Piano Recital

by Madonna

An exquisite selection of compositions by Anže Rozman, Franz Schubert, and Amanda Harberg will come alive in a spellbinding recital, showcasing the extraordinary talents of Dr. Samantha M. Inman, an esteemed associate professor of music theory at Stephen F. Austin State University, and Tracy Cole, distinguished piano accompanist for Lufkin ISD, First Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, and the Stone Fort Chorale.

The recital is poised to enchant audiences at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 7, in the elegant sanctuary of First Baptist Church located at 411 North St.


Dr. Inman, a connoisseur of musical expression, characterizes the concert repertoire as “strongly lyrical, emphasizing gorgeous melodies and intriguing timbral possibilities through the symbiotic blend of flute and piano.”


Slovenian maestro Anže Rozman penned “Tale of the Forest Nymph” in 2010, a composition dedicated to Kaja Lešnjak. Rozman elucidates, “The piece narrates the tale of a mysterious, contented forest nymph, gracefully navigating the woods, weaving enchanting spells, and occasionally causing playful havoc when her incantations take an unexpected turn.”


In 1824, Austrian virtuoso Franz Schubert crafted the Sonata per Arpeggione for the unique six-stringed bowed instrument. Owing to the instrument’s rarity, the composition has found resonance through various adaptations, spanning cello, viola, and, in this instance, the mellifluous flute.

Channeling the essence of French Baroque dance suites, American composer-pianist Amanda Harberg unveiled “Court Dances” in 2017. Dr. Inman aptly describes the outer movements as “effervescent with rhythmic dynamism and captivating register juxtapositions, while the introspective central movement casts a delicate spell of lyrical finesse.”

Dr. Inman’s journey at SFA commenced in 2017. During her formative years at Baldwin-Wallace College, she distinguished herself with dual majors in flute performance and music theory. At present, she graces the Celebration Orchestra at First Baptist Church in Nacogdoches with her musical prowess.

Tracy Cole, hailing from Sicily Island, Louisiana, has been a cherished resident of Nacogdoches since 2001. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from SFA in 2006, she further solidified her musical prowess by becoming the inaugural recipient of the university’s master’s degree in piano performance and accompanying in 2008.


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