‘Support the Trumpet’ Concert to Rally Around Threatened Jazz Pub After Devastating Burglary

by Madonna

BILSTON, West Midlands – In a resounding display of solidarity, music enthusiasts are uniting to rescue the iconic Trumpet jazz pub after a recent burglary left the cherished venue teetering on the brink of closure. Following the heart-wrenching incident where burglars made off with the contents of the safe and vital music equipment, the establishment’s future hung in jeopardy.

Musti Bouameur, the resilient landlord, has issued an impassioned appeal for support to salvage the beloved hub of musical culture. Recognizing the dire situation, supporters have launched a GoFundMe campaign to keep the Trumpet’s doors open. Contributions have poured in from across the nation, underscoring the profound impact the pub has had on both local and national music scenes.


Beyond being a mecca for jazz enthusiasts, the Trumpet holds a significant place in the annals of rock history. Slade fans, in particular, have rallied around the cause, harking back to the pub’s role in the formation of the renowned 1970s glam rock supergroup. The establishment’s rich musical heritage has garnered it a devoted following, ready to safeguard its legacy.


Martin Brooks of the glam band Pouk Hill Prophetz, who have orchestrated Slade gatherings across Europe, voiced his dismay over the burglary and rallied support. “Let’s support this iconic pub!” he implored, recalling the Trumpet’s integral role in shaping Slade’s journey.


Occupying the Trumpet’s stage has been a labor of love for Musti Bouameur and his partner Diane, who have dedicated themselves to preserving the venue’s live music heritage. Tragedy struck as the burglary unfolded, stealing Musti’s 75th birthday presents and critical music equipment required for live performances.

Weathering the tempest of the pandemic, the Trumpet emerged triumphant, but the burglary now poses an even graver threat. The venue’s owners are acutely aware of the dire implications: “This crushing blow could finally finish us.” The pub’s resilience stands as a testament to its significance as both a musical haven and a local tradition that spans decades.

Determined to ensure the Trumpet’s survival, the community has responded generously, with 43 individuals contributing £1,420 to the cause thus far. The rallying cry to sustain this cultural sanctuary resonates, as musicians and fans alike stand united. Upcoming gigs, including CC Rider’s performance on Saturday and Harripaul’s gig on September 1, hold promise as they seek to revive the pulse of this musical haven.

As the Trumpet jazz pub teeters on the precipice, its patrons are determined to uplift its spirit once again, demonstrating the resilience and unity that music can inspire in the face of adversity.


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