Local Musician to Host Kids’ Ukulele Workshop this Summer

by Madonna

Daycee Oswalt, lead singer of Daycee and the Dudettes and a prominent local musician, is organizing a summer workshop aimed at children interested in learning the ukulele. The workshop will take place in the conference room of the Bearded Barista and is tailored for kids aged 8-13.

Oswalt’s workshop focuses on introducing children to the history and art of the ukulele, teaching essential chords and strumming patterns, nurturing creativity in songwriting, and fostering confidence as young musicians.


“The ukulele is a wonderful stepping stone for kids who aspire to learn the guitar but may not yet be ready,” explained Oswalt.


The workshop fee is $65 per student, which includes personalized instruction and the opportunity for each participant to select and perform a song at a ukulele concert scheduled for August 15th at the Bearded Barista. Oswalt enthusiastically invites the community to attend the recital and encourages local ukulele enthusiasts to join in the festivities.


The workshop promises to be an engaging and educational experience for young aspiring musicians, fostering a love for music and a sense of accomplishment through learning and performance.


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