Violin Theft at Brobst Violin Shop in Virginia: High-Value Instruments and Cases Stolen

by Madonna

Two violins, along with three bows and three high-end cases, were reported stolen from Brobst Violin Shop in Alexandria, Virginia, on June 4, 2024.

The suspect, using stolen identification belonging to Marcus Povinelli from Massapequa, NY, was found to be operating under this false identity. The suspect had requested Brobst Violin Shop to ship the items to an address in Henderson, NV.


The stolen instruments are as follows:


A French violin by Nestor Audinot, labeled “Nestor Audinot Paris 1881”. It bears a stock number of 133/31 with a price tag of $45,000.


An Italian violin by Luigi Mozzani, dated Cento 1927 and labeled internally. It has a stock number of 95/49 valued at $35,000.

An American violin bow by Thomas Dignan, branded above the frog. The inventory sticker reads 154/95 on the ebony frog, priced at $5,500.

A German violin bow by Richard Grunke, branded “Richard Grunke”. The inventory sticker, located on the bow frog, indicates 130/06 and a value of $6,000.

A French violin bow from the Jerome Thibouville-Lamy firm, branded “Lavest”. It has an inventory sticker reading 158/03, valued at $5,500.

The three high-end cases stolen were all manufactured by the Musafia Case Company in Cremona:

  • Enigma by Musafia, priced at $2,857.
  • Master Series Aureum by Musafia, valued at $1,839.
  • Ultra Light by Musafia, with a price tag of $1,295.

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