Jazz Musician Harmonizes Trombone Practice with Volunteer Role on Welsh Railway

by Madonna

Ted Beausire, a jazz musician hailing from Charlbury in Oxfordshire, has discovered a harmonious blend of his musical passion and volunteer work as a signaller at the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways (FfWHR).

Ted’s association with the railways dates back to the 1970s when he first joined as a summer employee before completing his university studies and embarking on a career with British Rail. Following retirement from his role as a mainline railway signaller, Ted returned to FfWHR as a dedicated volunteer.


In 2014, Ted received authorization from FfWHR Control to practice his trombone during breaks between train movements at the new Harbour Station signal box. His melodious interludes, which have included serenades for evening jazz specials departing from Porthmadog Harbour station, have been well-received without any objections.


Today, Ted is a familiar figure en route to various signal boxes, trombone case in hand, occasionally assigned to duties at the Rhiw Goch Signal box. His jazz rehearsals echo through the hills above Penrhyndeudraeth, adding a musical flair to the railway landscape.


When not honing his trombone skills at FfWHR, Ted performs with his band, Poco Loco, at venues across Oxfordshire. His dedication underscores the enduring relationship between music and railways, with musicians frequently entertaining passengers at stations. Earlier this year, Transport for London held auditions for buskers at underground stations, reflecting a broader appreciation for musical talent in transit environments, including a designated busking pitch at Leeds City railway station.


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