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Ohio University’s Trombone Day Strikes a Harmonious Note

by Madonna

Athens, Ohio is set to resonate with the vibrant sounds of trombones as Ohio University gears up for its 10th annual Trombone Day on Friday, a celebration that promises to attract trombone enthusiasts from across the country.

Lucas Borges, an associate professor of trombone at Ohio University, anticipates a diverse gathering of music lovers, with participants traveling from as far as Wisconsin and Florida to be part of the festivities.

The day’s agenda is packed with activities for trombonists, including group rehearsals, concerts, and a master class featuring world-class trombonist Christian Lindberg. Lindberg, voted “The Greatest Brass Player in History” by Classic FM in 2015, will offer insights and expertise to registered participants during the master class.

While tickets for the master class are sold out, the public has the opportunity to attend a free recital at Athens First United Methodist Church at 8 p.m. The recital, part of Lindberg and pianist Roland Pöntinen’s 40th-anniversary tour, promises to showcase the technical and expressive capabilities of the trombone.

Borges, the organizer of Trombone Day alongside the OU Trombone Society, emphasizes that the free recital will challenge perceptions of the trombone as solely a supporting instrument. He believes the performance will reveal the trombone’s potential as a captivating solo instrument.

Hunter Sheafer, president of the OU Trombone Society, describes Lindberg as the “Taylor Swift of trombonists,” highlighting Lindberg’s unique stage presence and showmanship. The recital is expected to be an exciting and dynamic experience, blending classical music with a rock-star energy.

Borges echoes Sheafer’s sentiments, portraying Lindberg as a trombone virtuoso who infuses classical music with the charisma of a rock star. He hopes the performance will foster a deeper appreciation for the trombone’s cultural significance.

As the community eagerly awaits Trombone Day, Borges envisions an event that not only showcases the technical prowess of trombonists but also sparks inspiration and admiration for this distinctive instrument.

Trombone Day is not only a celebration of music but also an opportunity for the community to be captivated by the talents of a renowned artist. Borges, along with the OU Trombone Society, has dedicated time and effort to ensure that this year’s Trombone Day is a memorable and culturally enriching experience for all attendees.

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