ABO Classical Music Awards Honor Trailblazers in the Industry

by Madonna

The prestigious 2024 ABO Classical Music Awards, unveiled during a live event at Bristol Beacon as part of the Association of British Orchestras (ABO) conference, spotlighted remarkable achievements within the classical music landscape. The refreshed awards, diverging from previous categories, celebrated initiatives, teams, and individuals exemplifying inspiration, innovation, or collaboration in the industry.

Hosted by Classic FM’s Aled Jones, the event recognized the following winners:


Scottish Ensemble:

Acknowledged for their pioneering work in environmental sustainability, the Scottish Ensemble, a co-founder of the Scottish Classical Sustainability Group, demonstrated the impact a smaller orchestra can have in leading the sector toward sustainable touring and comprehensive sustainability practices.


Recruiting Classical Consortium:

This consortium, in partnership with Black Lives in Music, was celebrated for its groundbreaking efforts in enhancing diversity and opportunities in recruitment. Focusing on supporting orchestral string players from the Global Majority, the project included an inclusive audition process and workshops, with musician-led Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Groups integral to its success.


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic’s Music & Health Team:

Recognized for their outstanding contribution beyond the concert hall, the team demonstrated the relevance, accessibility, and impact of orchestral music in healthcare and communities. Over 18,000 people living with mental and physical health challenges in the Liverpool City Region have benefited from the orchestra’s healthcare program, a collaborative effort involving musicians, management, NHS partners, and participants.

Amina Hussain – Manchester Camerata’s Principal Flute and Resident Music Therapist:

Awarded for showcasing the transformative power of music, Amina Hussain, a professional concert musician and community leader, demonstrated the unique ability of music to improve lives. Her work with Manchester Camerata’s Music in Mind team, providing music-based therapy for individuals with dementia and working with various communities, was acknowledged.

In addition to these recipients, the ABO also honored outgoing Bristol Beacon chief executive Louise Mitchell CBE with the annual ABO Award, recognizing her significant contribution to the orchestral life of the UK, as voted by the ABO membership. These awards underscored the resilience, innovation, and positive impact within the classical music community, even amid challenging times.


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