Alexis Gregory Vendome Prize Finals Showcasing Emerging Pianist Talents

by Madonna

New York – Broadcasting live from The New School in New York, The Violin Channel brings you the electrifying finals of the Alexis Gregory Vendome Prize in collaboration with the Mannes School of Music. This prestigious competition, supported by the Alexis Gregory Foundation, seeks out exceptionally talented pianists poised to embark on professional careers as performing artists.

Established with a grant from the Alexis Gregory Foundation, the semi-finals are scheduled for January 17-18, with the highly anticipated finals set to take place on January 20. All events unfold at the Alvin Johnson / J.M. Kaplan Hall in New York, with complimentary admission for music enthusiasts.


Peter Gregory, President of the Alexis Gregory Foundation, expressed delight in the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted that we have been able to conclude a collaboration between the foundation and The Mannes School of Music to jointly produce The Vendome Prize for at least the next five years.” He highlighted the unique and esteemed nature of the prize, originally conceived by Alexis Gregory of New York and Paris, as a platform for young pianists worldwide. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, the prize has featured some of the globe’s most exceptional emerging pianists.


The lineup of talented semi-finalists for 2024 includes:

Robert Bily
Roman Fediurko
Yuzhang Li
Anthony Ratinov
Julian Trevelyan
Andrzej Wierciński
Zihao Wu
Jialin Yao
Dmitry Yudin
Ido Zeev


The Vendome Prize has a rich history of recognizing outstanding talents, with past winners including Boris Giltburg, Denis Kozhukhin, Yekwon Sunwoo, Stephen Beus, George Li, Dmytro Choni, and Maxim Lando. Notably, these artists have gone on to achieve significant success in international piano competitions such as Queen Elisabeth, The Cliburn, Gina Bachauer, Tchaikovsky Competition, and the Gilmore Young Artist Award. The competition serves as a platform for emerging musicians to make their mark on the global stage, setting the stage for the next generation of piano virtuosos.


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