Revived Vintage Piano Inspires Joy and Creativity Among Elementary School Students

by Madonna

Colleyville – In a heartening transformation, a once-forgotten vintage piano inside Bransford Elementary School at Grapevine Colleyville ISD has become a source of delight for students, invigorating the school’s daily rhythm.

Erin Gerdis, the school’s principal, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I just love that we were able to use something that was just sitting around collecting dust and now we are using it for a purpose.”


This piano, a donated instrument from years past, languished in a hallway, untouched and unused. Determined to give it a new lease on life, the school decided to integrate it into their daily routine.


Now, the vintage piano has found its place in the morning arrival routine, with students volunteering to play for 30 minutes each morning as their peers gather on campus. The once-neglected instrument has become a center of attention, with students eagerly rushing inside to huddle around its ivory keys.


Fourth grader Genesis Matos, who volunteers to play the piano, shared her joy, saying, “I feel very good, because I am making other people happy.”

The initiative to refurbish and utilize the piano stemmed from one of the school’s teachers. Bransford Elementary School, being an arts integration school, places a significant emphasis on music as a fundamental aspect of its curriculum. The school even offers a dedicated piano class, infusing creativity into the students’ day-to-day experiences.

Reflecting on the positive impact, Principal Gerdis remarked, “It’s exciting to see our students have that confidence and the excitement they have to perform for their peers.” The vintage piano, once gathering dust in a corner, now serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering creativity and joy among its students.


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