Kennedi Ryan, a Third-Grade Trumpeter, Finds Joy in Learning and Performing

by Madonna

Kennedi Ryan, an enthusiastic 8-year-old third-grade student at Westside Elementary School, is not only making strides in academics but also discovering her passion for music as a proud member of the school band. Kennedi, a shining star in Food Brings Hope’s KidsZone program, recently shared her story, emphasizing her love for learning, performing, and her dreams for the future.

In KidsZone, where the focus is on math and reading, Kennedi stands out for her dedication and creativity. While enjoying activities like coloring, movie-watching, and arts and crafts on Fridays, Kennedi often impresses her teacher by sharing her artistic creations. Her compassionate nature shines through as she willingly assists her friends, especially in math, and supports her teacher by actively listening in class. Kennedi’s positive contributions earned her three tickets recently when she enthusiastically helped with cleanup.


Beyond the classroom, Kennedi is a proud member of the school band, a role she finds both fascinating and rewarding. Having played the trumpet for two years, she expresses her love for performing and the valuable lessons it imparts.


Kennedi’s interests extend to literature and cinema, with “Dork Diaries” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” topping her list of favorite books. Her preferred movie, “Encanto,” and admiration for the character Red Panda reflect her vibrant personality.


Looking toward the future, Kennedi shares her aspiration to work alongside her mother, helping customers and making a positive impact. The holiday season holds a special place in Kennedi’s heart, filled with family gatherings, decorations, and cherished moments. Her wishlist includes a bean bag and desk for homework, Christmas break in Atlanta with extended family, and room decorations featuring blue and pink LED lights and wall posters of Sonic and Paw Patrol.

Kennedi Ryan’s story is a testament to the power of curiosity, kindness, and the joy found in pursuing one’s passions, showcasing the promise of a bright future for this talented third-grade trumpeter.


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