Brazos Breeze Flute Choir Harmonizes Christmas Spirit in Bryan Concert

by Madonna

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – The festive melodies of Christmas echoed through the halls of First Methodist Church in Downtown Bryan on Sunday evening, courtesy of The Brazos Breeze Flute Choir’s enchanting Christmas concert. Accompanied by guest flutists from Kingwood Park High School, the choir delivered a delightful performance featuring well-loved pieces such as “A Christmas Overture,” “Polar Express and When Christmas Comes to Town,” and “The Nutcracker in 5 Minutes.”

Artistic Director Penny Zent shared that while the Brazos Breeze Flute Choir is based in BCS (Bryan-College Station), its members hail from various parts of the state. Emphasizing the abundance of Christmas-themed music arranged for flute choirs, Zent highlighted the unique opportunity to showcase the entire flute family, ranging from piccolo to contrabass flute. The choir also enhanced its bass section with the accompaniment of a string bass player.

“At Christmas time, especially, there is a wealth of music that has been arranged for the flute choir, so we have an opportunity to present all of the members of the flute family, which go down from piccolo and go all the way down to the contrabass flute, and we augment our bass stations with a string bass player,” explained Zent.

As a flutist, Zent expressed the joy of gathering together to present the concert, emphasizing the sense of community that arises from inviting friends to join in the musical celebration.

“This way, we can invite all of our friends to come and join us, and it really becomes a family,” said Zent.

The Brazos Breeze Flute Choir continues to enchant audiences, bringing the joyous sounds of the season to Bryan-College Station and beyond.

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