Detroit Violin Giveaway Sparks Nationwide Demand

by Madonna

Damien Crutcher, the driving force behind Detroit Harmony, has dedicated the past few years to providing musical instruments to children. Having distributed approximately 600 instruments since 2019, his recent viral social media post has taken his mission to new heights.

Crutcher, reflecting on the unexpected surge in interest, remarked, “It was a surprise to see that one post can go that far.” The post, initially shared on Facebook and later on various platforms, appealed for assistance in giving away 40 violins.

To Crutcher’s astonishment, the post reached hundreds of thousands of people, resulting in an influx of requests for violins from across the country. The appeal resonated not only in Detroit and other parts of Michigan but also in states like Louisiana, Florida, and California.

“Parents and teachers want their kids to have a music education. They want their kids to play violin and everything else. So, that was good to see,” Crutcher acknowledged, emphasizing the nationwide demand for musical instruments.

Detroit Harmony, an initiative by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, aims to ensure that every student has access to musical instruments and music education. Crutcher believes the overwhelming response to the post underscores the significant interest children have in music. “It taught me that there is a demand for instruments out there,” he noted.

In addition to the positive outcome, Crutcher sees the viral post as shedding light on the need for expanded music education programs within Detroit schools. The organization now faces a waiting list of around 120 individuals eager to secure a violin due to the post’s widespread reach.

Although Crutcher has already found homes for the initial 40 violins, he remains committed to placing an additional 80 instruments into the hands of eager young musicians. The viral success of this initiative not only underscores the power of social media but also highlights the nationwide thirst for music education opportunities for children.

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