Queensland Police Pipes and Drums Band Strikes the Right Chord with School Engagement Program

by Madonna

In a harmonious blend of community engagement and musical prowess, students from Glenala State High School in Inala recently embarked on a unique journey with the Queensland Police Pipes & Drums band as part of the ‘School Rocks’ initiative.

Delivered by the Crime Prevention Programs Unit (CPPU) and school-based Police Officers, ‘School Rocks’ takes a novel approach to connect with youth through pop-up performances during school lunch breaks. The Queensland Police Pipes & Drums band, showcasing their musical versatility on instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, didgeridoo, and pipes, orchestrated flash mobs that left a lasting impression.

Acting Senior Sergeant of Pipes and Drums, Ciaron Jackson, expressed the event’s resounding success, emphasizing the positive reception from the community. “Being able to bridge the gap between policing and the youth in such a creative way has been incredibly rewarding,” he noted. “The students’ musical talent was on full display, demonstrating the potential for music to bring people from different backgrounds together.”

Collaborating with students, the Queensland Police Pipes & Drums band presented a repertoire of songs, showcasing the blending of law enforcement and musical harmony.

Acting Sergeant of Crime Prevention Programs Unit, Latisha Whalan, highlighted the significance of meaningful engagement with youths. “Our collaboration with the Queensland Police Pipes and Drums has been a fantastic experience. ‘School Rocks’ is a shining example of how we can create meaningful connections with the communities we serve. When we come together with a common purpose, extraordinary things can happen.”

The initiative not only provided students with a unique and memorable experience but also underscored the approachability and community-oriented nature of the Queensland Police Service members and officers involved. As the program gains momentum, it promises to further exemplify the power of music in fostering connections and positive engagement within communities.

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