San Diego Teen Showcases Musical Talent in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Madonna

In a heartwarming twist to this year’s Thanksgiving morning, a 15-year-old clarinet virtuoso from North County, Sofia Rosati, stole the spotlight as one of the 200 performers chosen nationwide to participate in the renowned Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A student at Poway High School, Rosati secured her coveted spot in “The Great American Marching Band” following open auditions she learned about while watching last year’s parade. Demonstrating exceptional skill, she successfully earned her place, marking a momentous achievement for the young musician.


Speaking with FOX 5 from the bustling streets of New York City, Rosati shared her excitement about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She also provided a glimpse into the musical showcase she and her fellow performers had prepared.


“As we march along the parade route, we’ll be enchanting the crowd with ‘Sweet Caroline,’ and at Harold Square, we have a special performance planned—’Cheeseburgers in Paradise’—as a tribute to Jimmy Buffet,” Rosati revealed with enthusiasm.


The San Diego native is set to captivate audiences for the entire two and a half miles of the parade, unfolding Thursday morning in the heart of the Big Apple. Ahead of the grand event, she spent several days in New York perfecting her performance.

Reflecting on her pre-parade experiences, Rosati shared, “It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m genuinely excited for this opportunity.”

Having honed her clarinet skills since the 5th grade, Rosati, now a high school sophomore, is poised to return to San Diego with well-deserved accolades, courtesy of her participation in “The Great American Marching Band.” Her musical prowess promises to be a source of pride for her community.


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