Atlanta Music Project Secures $4.6 Million in Transformative Gifts

by Madonna

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta Music Project (AMP) announced a monumental milestone with the reception of two substantial gifts totaling $4,642,000 from the Chestnut Family Foundation and an anonymous donor. This significant financial boost marks a pivotal moment in AMP’s mission to offer high-quality music training and performance opportunities to youth in underserved communities.

The announcement aligns with AMP’s most expansive year of service, engaging over 700 students ranging from grades 1 through college in comprehensive programming encompassing band, orchestra, choir, private lessons, summer programs, and college and career support.


In September 2023, an anonymous donor bestowed the largest single gift in AMP’s history, a generous contribution of $3,500,000. These funds are designated for acquiring high-quality orchestral instruments for the AMP Youth Orchestras and providing Steinway & Sons pianos for the entire AMP Center for Performance & Education in southwest Atlanta. The donation will also establish two endowments—one supporting national and international performances and competitions for AMP ensembles and the other ensuring the ongoing maintenance of AMP instruments and equipment.


Following this landmark donation, in October 2023, the Chestnut Family Foundation contributed $1,142,000 to AMP, marking their most substantial single gift to date. These funds are allocated to strengthen various aspects of AMP, including the development of teaching artists, the creation of a new full-time Music Career Counselor position, support for AMP’s partnerships within local public schools, and the reinforcement of AMP’s two new endowments.


The Chestnut Family Foundation, a steadfast philanthropic supporter of AMP, has previously played a pivotal role in supporting initiatives such as AMP’s Next Movement Capital Campaign, the establishment of AMP’s headquarters, and the creation of the AMP Chestnut Family Foundation College Scholarship Fund for supporting AMP alumni pursuing post-secondary education.

Ben and Teresa Chestnut, trustees of the Chestnut Family Foundation, expressed their commitment, stating, “At the Chestnut Family Foundation, we believe in the life-changing potential of the arts. Our support of the Atlanta Music Project reflects our commitment to providing young musicians with the tools to thrive. We are proud to continue to support the wonderful growth trajectory of AMP and the expansion of its impact on our community.”

AMP leadership anticipates that these transformative gifts will significantly enhance their ability to serve the organization’s most advanced young musicians while supporting the professional musicians who instruct them. The infusion of funding represents a significant stride toward AMP’s financial sustainability, ensuring the continuation of life-changing experiences for AMP students.

Dantes Rameau, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlanta Music Project, expressed gratitude, stating, “We are humbled and elated by the incredible generosity of the anonymous donor and the Chestnut Family Foundation. Their respective investments in AMP, which were developed using principles of trust-based philanthropy, underscore the power of music to support youth development and achievement.”

Philip M. Juravel, Chair of the Atlanta Music Project Board of Directors, added, “As a longtime volunteer board member of AMP, I am deeply moved by the profound impact these transformational gifts will have on the children we serve. The generosity of the anonymous donor and the Chestnut Family Foundation has ignited a new era of possibilities. On behalf of the AMP Board of Directors, thank you.”


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