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Concert Review: Troker Mesmerizes Saugerties at The Local with Unconventional Fusion

by Madonna

Troker, the boundary-pushing instrumental band hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, left an indelible mark on Saugerties during their performance at The Local. The quintet, celebrated for their distinctive blend of Mexican psychedelic jazz, showcased an evening of musical exploration that transcended genres and captivated the audience.

The ensemble, featuring a classic jazz frontline with trumpet and saxophone, coupled with a dynamic keyboard and bass rhythm section, defied traditional norms by integrating turntablist DJ Sonicko. This innovative addition brought forth soundscapes and effects that elevated Troker’s performance to unprecedented heights.

The band’s sonic landscape, akin to a cinematic journey, invited the audience into a world where musical genres seamlessly intertwined. From Seattle grunge-inspired horn riffs evolving into soulful ballads to Stanley Clarke-esque bass lines engaging in spirited exchanges with saxophone or trumpet, Troker demonstrated their versatility. The ensemble also engaged in captivating duels between trumpet and saxophone, trumpet and bass, or a harmonious blend of all three, reminiscent of fusion greats.

Samo Gonzalez skillfully channeled the influence of Stanley Clarke, while Frankie Mares’s energetic drumming provided a rock-steady foundation to the music. The unexpected and delightful appearance of Steve Bernstein, wielding his slide trumpet, added an extra layer of excitement to the evening. Bernstein, known for his penchant for unorthodoxy and fun, seamlessly integrated into the performance, further intensifying the enjoyment for both the band and the audience.

As the performance unfolded, traces of mariachi music, deeply rooted in Mexican culture, surfaced, reaffirming the band’s connection to their heritage. Despite having performed in 19 different countries, Troker maintains a strong focus on their home turf, with detailed information predominantly available in Spanish. Beyond their musical endeavors, the band actively engages in social and educational programs, providing free concerts in underprivileged areas to promote jazz within Mexico.

This Saugerties performance marked a highlight in Troker’s two-week whirlwind tour of the U.S. The hope lingers that they will return to enthrall American audiences again, offering another chance for local fans to experience their avant-garde fusion firsthand.

Band Members:

  • Christian Jiminez: Keys
  • DJ Sonicko: Turntablist
  • Samo Gonzalez: Bass
  • Frankie Mares: Drums
  • Daniel Benitez: Saxophone
  • Cristian Garcia: Trumpet
  • Steve Bernstein (Guest Artist): Slide Trumpet

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