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Drums on the Ohio Set to Resonate Once Again in 2024

by Madonna

Evansville, Ind. (WFIE) – The rhythmic beats of drums will reverberate along the Ohio River once more as the highly anticipated event, Drums on the Ohio, is set to return in 2024. This musical extravaganza draws drum corps from across the nation to showcase their talents in a spirited competition at Reitz Bowl in Evansville.

Save the date, as Drums on the Ohio is scheduled for Saturday, August 3, promising a day filled with captivating performances from six top-notch drum corps. The event holds special significance as these groups will be at the pinnacle of their prowess, gearing up for the world championships following their showcase in the Tri-State.

After a hiatus last year, the Tri-State region is eagerly anticipating the revival of this drum corps spectacle. Organizers express their excitement about reintroducing the event to the community, highlighting the absence of a drum corps gathering in the Tri-State area in the previous year.

Music enthusiasts and supporters of drum corps excellence can mark their calendars, anticipating a vibrant and rhythm-filled day on the banks of the Ohio River as Drums on the Ohio makes its much-anticipated return on Saturday, August 3, 2024.

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