ALS Warrior Finds Inspiration in Donating Beloved Piano to Brooklyn Park Church Rebuilding After Arson

by Madonna

Brooklyn Park, Minn. (FOX 9) – Linda Dieken, a resilient woman battling ALS, has discovered a source of joy amidst adversity by gifting her cherished piano to the Salvation Army Worship Center in Brooklyn Park, which is in the process of rebuilding after a devastating arson attack.

A tour through Dieken’s Ham Lake residence reveals a life steeped in the art of music. Her musical journey began at the tender age of 5, with the piano quickly becoming her first love. For two decades, the grand piano has been the focal point of her home, witnessing the creation of Christmas melodies and various compositions.


Despite a recent ALS diagnosis that has rendered her unable to lift her arms or use some fingers, Dieken remains resilient. Reflecting on the prognosis given a year ago—indicating one to three years—she embraces each day as a triumph. “Whatever God’s plan is, this is a win-win. When the time comes, I know where I’m going, I get to go to heaven. And the joy I have knowing where this piano gets to go, I’m thrilled,” Dieken shared in an interview with FOX 9.


Driven by her lifelong mission to help others find solace in Jesus through music, Dieken has chosen to donate her treasured piano to the Salvation Army Worship Center in Brooklyn Park.


“I hope they have as much joy receiving it as I did donating it,” Dieken expressed with a warm smile.

The timing of Dieken’s generous act aligns with the church’s recovery efforts after an arsonist set fire to the Brooklyn Park congregation a year ago. Salvation Army Captain Daniel Simmons expressed gratitude for Dieken’s contribution, stating, “Even as I listen to it, it sounds really in tune, really connected. People would connect with the sound, but also with the story.”

Dieken’s selflessness has deeply touched the congregation, with Simmons acknowledging, “The piano is a great gift, but she’s really the gift.”

Dieken’s decision to part with her beloved piano was inspired by a television special highlighting the church’s plight. “I turned on the TV. I saw you do the special. I just was intrigued by it, and then all of a sudden when they talked about the piano, I instantly knew. This is God’s plan. I know I need to find a new home for this piano that I love,” she explained.

In the face of physical challenges, Linda Dieken exemplifies resilience and compassion, turning a personal struggle into an opportunity to spread joy and support the restoration of a community landmark.


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