Jazz Quintet Takes the Stage at Dish Cafe

by Madonna

Isaac Randel, the talented tenor saxophonist renowned for his pop-up gigs at the Dunedin Jazz Club, is set to return to the Dish Cafe, accompanied by a new band, to conclude the year on a high note. Tomorrow evening, starting at 7pm, Randel will grace the stage as part of the Quintet Mains de Trombone.

The inspiration behind the name “Quintet Mains de Trombone” stems from the grandfather of trombonist Louis Holland, a Wellington native, who was so passionate about playing the trombone that it seemed as if the instrument had become an extension of his hands.


Joining the ensemble from Wellington is the versatile drummer Ateo Buhne, highly regarded for his contributions to various bands and genres.


Completing the lineup are two talented local musicians from Dunedin, namely Jack Ta on piano and Darcy Monteath on bass.


Quintet Mains de Trombone is dedicated to exploring the rich traditions of bebop, featuring original compositions by both Randel and Holland, who are currently students at the prestigious New Zealand School of Music.

The band also pays homage to the captivating sub-genre of “hard bop,” celebrated for its fusion of the intricate speed and complexity of bebop with the captivating rhythms and grooves of modal music.

The doors of The Dish, located at 8 Stafford St, will open at 6pm tomorrow, welcoming all jazz enthusiasts and music lovers to experience the magic of Quintet Mains de Trombone.


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