Fender Collaborates with Bruno Mars for His First Signature Guitar Release

by Madonna

Fender, a name synonymous with iconic guitars, has teamed up with Grammy-winning artist Bruno Mars to introduce his very first signature model, the Bruno Mars Stratocaster. Mars, celebrated for his signature retro style and captivating showmanship, has long been associated with the world of music, delivering hits like “Locked Out Of Heaven” and “Just The Way You Are.” As one half of the R&B duo Silk Sonic, alongside Anderson .Paak, Mars continues to be a driving force in the music industry.

The Bruno Mars Stratocaster is not just another guitar in the Fender lineup; it’s a creation inspired by Mars’s unique musical presence. This signature model makes a striking entrance with its exclusive Mars Mocha Heirloom colorway, a hue that sets it apart from all other Fender guitars. The Mars Mocha Heirloom finish infuses the instrument with a distinctive “worn-in feel” right out of the case.


Key features of the Bruno Mars Stratocaster include an ash American Ultra body, designed with contemporary ergonomic carves and a reduced neck heel. The neck profile adopts the classic ’69 shape, modeled after Mars’s personal ’69 Strat, offering an authentic feel. The guitar sports a maple 9.5″-12″ compound-radius fingerboard equipped with stainless steel frets, ensuring an extraordinary playing experience.


What truly sets this signature model apart is the inclusion of custom-voiced Fender Bruno Mars pickups, offering a tonal spectrum that reflects Mars’s unique musical style. Deluxe locking tuners, gold hardware, and a nitrocellulose lacquer finish with Fender’s innovative Heirloom aging process further emphasize the guitar’s exclusivity. As a nod to two of Mars’s own guitar heroes, Jimi Hendrix and Prince, the guitar comes with a distinctive leopard print strap, adding an extra layer of personality to this remarkable instrument.


Bruno Mars himself shared his perspective on the collaboration: “I don’t think of myself as a guitar player. I’m more of a frustrated songwriter. Every song is like a puzzle you have to solve, and a good guitar can bring something out of you that can help take you to the finish line. That’s what I wanted from this guitar. It was also important to have a workhorse that I could depend on for performing live and writing in the studio, whether it be rhythm or lead.”

Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at Fender, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “We wanted to fashion a guitar that shows Fender’s respect for the artists marking today’s musical hall of fame, as well as displays Bruno Mars’ supernova qualities. Bruno has been a tried and true Fender player since the early days of his career, and we’re thrilled to include his signature among our roster. Between the all-new finish to the custom-voiced pickups, we’re confident this will be one of our largest signature launches to date.”

However, it’s important to note that this signature model, attached to one of music’s biggest names, doesn’t come at an entry-level price point; it’s priced at $2,999. To sweeten the deal, Fender is offering a three-ply mint pickguard with every purchase, making the Bruno Mars Stratocaster a must-have for fans and guitar enthusiasts seeking to capture the essence of Bruno Mars’s signature style and sound.


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