Top Three Guitar Stores in San Antonio for Every Guitar Enthusiast

by Madonna

As the popularity of guitar playing continues to soar, finding the best local guitar stores in San Antonio becomes essential for both beginners and seasoned players. These stores offer a unique personal touch and a wide range of instruments and gear to enhance your musical journey. Whether you seek a brand new guitar, pickups, amplifiers, or pedals, these top three local guitar stores in San Antonio cater to every player’s needs.

1. Spacetone Music

Spacetone Music is renowned for its exceptional selection of guitars and gear in San Antonio. With a focus on used equipment, this store constantly receives fresh inventory, ensuring a diverse range of options. While they do not limit themselves to specific brands, you can find numerous used Fender and Gibson products, along with offerings from Dean, Charvel, Ibanez, and the EVH collection.


However, it’s not just the guitar selection that sets Spacetone apart. The store’s commitment to customer service and an extensive inventory of effects pedals, amplifiers, and guitar pickups make it a standout choice. For those looking to modify or customize their instruments, Spacetone also offers various guitar parts, including necks, pickguards, and bodies. Friendly and knowledgeable employees are always willing to assist you, allowing you to test nearly any guitar you desire. If you’re seeking great, affordable guitars and gear, Spacetone Music is your top destination.


2. Robot Monster Guitars

Robot Monster Guitars is more than your average guitar shop; it’s a treasure trove of used gear, from Fender Stratocasters to unique ESP custom guitars. The store also boasts a wide array of effects pedals, including classics like the Dunlop Wah Cry Baby and various Boss effects. With competitive pricing, a broad inventory, and a fantastic atmosphere, Robot Monster ranks among the best guitar stores in San Antonio. Here, hidden gems, whether rare guitars, amplifiers, or pedals, are waiting to be discovered.


What makes Robot Monster truly special is its willingness to assist and answer any questions you may have. The knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect gear, offering their expert opinions on what sounds best. With reasonable prices, employees are often open to negotiating deals or trades when purchasing equipment.

But Robot Monster Guitars isn’t limited to guitars and gear. It also features a dedicated section for vintage clothing, including rare band and artist tour shirts. You’ll even find a variety of other music equipment, such as vintage drum machines and samplers for those interested in analog music production. If you’re in search of a guitar store with a unique atmosphere and an impressive gear selection, Robot Monster Guitars should be your go-to destination.

3. Lark Guitars

Lark Guitars is one of San Antonio’s newer guitar stores, specializing in brand new and gently used gear. While their prices may lean towards the higher end, they offer pristine-quality guitars that you won’t find in many local shops. From original EVH edition Frankenstrats to new custom shop Gibson Les Pauls, Lark has something for every discerning player.

Unlike the other stores on this list, Lark Guitars focuses primarily on new instruments, making it less likely to find hidden gems among their stock. However, their selection of rare and special guitars is sure to impress any player. The real standout feature at Lark Guitars is their exceptional guitar setups. They can set up a brand new guitar for you or fine-tune your personal instrument. This process takes just about a day and leaves your guitar with a highly playable feel and impeccable intonation.


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