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Trumpeter Michael Sachs Resigns from the Cleveland Institute of Music

by Madonna

Cleveland, Ohio – Michael Sachs, who has been at the helm of the Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) as the head of the trumpet department and chair of the brass division for 35 years, has announced his resignation from the institution. Sachs is renowned not only for his dedication to CIM but also as the principal trumpet of the esteemed Cleveland Orchestra.

His departure from CIM follows a recent leave of absence taken by CIM’s director of orchestral studies, Carlos Kalmar, who is currently the subject of a Title IX investigation stemming from allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Importantly, it’s essential to note that Sachs has not faced any Title IX accusations or violations. Sachs has emphasized that his decision to resign was entirely voluntary. In a recent Facebook post, he shared the circumstances surrounding his resignation, explaining that he received an email from CIM’s HR department that accused him of making a statement he had never made and allegedly implied a threat of legal action.

Sachs’s Facebook post reads:

“By now, many of you may have heard that, as of yesterday, I resigned from my position as a faculty member, head of the trumpet department, and chair of the brass division at The Cleveland Institute of Music.

Since many things may be swirling around, I want to make several facts clear:

The decision to resign from CIM was entirely mine.

I was not fired or asked to leave.

There was absolutely no issue of any kind involving a Title IX violation or accusation.

My resignation after 35 years of service to CIM was precipitated by an email that I received yesterday from HR and CIM’s lawyer. This email asserted that I had made a statement which I have never made. I must admit that when I first opened the email, I thought it was an error or a prank. I soon realized it was not. I inferred from the remainder of the email that they were threatening me with legal action.

I am confident that my colleagues will confirm I have been a voice for moderation, cooperation, and team-playing in all matters concerning the faculty and administration.

This incident was not the first baseless attack by members of CIM’s administration on my character, reputation, and integrity. Because I will not tolerate any further such attacks, I made the decision to resign from all positions that I held with the Cleveland Institute of Music, effective immediately.

As heart-wrenchingly difficult as it was, I had to conclude that I can no longer be a party to CIM’s institutional culture. I will miss my students more than words can say.”

CIM has issued a statement that they do not comment on personnel matters.

This announcement comes on the heels of a letter from CIM board chair Susan Rothmann to faculty and students, addressing a “public campaign designed to damage CIM” by a small group of individuals opposing the institute’s evolution. The letter also made reference to Carlos Kalmar, who took a leave of absence following a Title IX case dismissal and student protests.

In response to the developments, CIM stated that the administration is working with students to foster discussions. A scheduled performance with Kalmar as conductor was canceled in September.

Rothmann’s letter also contained a link to a “CIM Fact-Check” webpage aimed at correcting misconceptions about senior leadership at CIM, which they believe have been circulated recently. The webpage states, “Recently, there has been a significant amount of misleading information circulating about CIM. We are disappointed by this and, as it has begun to affect our students, it is necessary for us to respond to ensure that our many supporters have an accurate representation of the claims that have been made.”

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