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Chase & Status Unleash Relentless Drum & Bass Set for Boiler Room London

by Madonna

London, UK – Chase & Status, the iconic drum & bass duo, are celebrating a remarkable year filled with chart-topping tracks that have dominated the airwaves. To keep the energy high, the influential group has a treat in store for fans this month with the upcoming release of their mixtape, “2 Ruff, Vol. 1,” featuring their colossal 2023 singles “Liquor & Cigarettes” and “Baddadan.”

As a tantalizing preview before the mixtape’s official drop, Chase & Status have unveiled their electrifying Boiler Room: London performance, which took place back in September. The event was a masterclass in controlled chaos, with one-half of the duo, Saul Milton, commanding the decks, assisted by the talents of Takura and Flowdan.

During this hour-long mix, the crowd was taken on a relentless musical journey, grooving to Chase & Status’ original tracks such as “Delete,” “Retreat2018,” “No Problem,” “Selecta,” and more. The set also featured music from other luminaries of the drum & bass scene, including Rusko, Mozey, Dimension, TC, and many more. The end result is a high-octane Boiler Room performance that stands out as one of the most energetic sets in recent memory and is bound to become an instant classic for drum & bass enthusiasts.

Fans of Chase & Status and drum & bass music are in for a treat as they dive into this unforgettable performance, brimming with energy and electrifying beats.

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