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The Muny Offers Exclusive Piano Sale Starting Today

by Madonna

St. Louis, MO – For those in search of a beautiful piano, today marks the beginning of a unique opportunity. The Muny, a renowned institution for musical theater in St. Louis, is hosting a piano sale that extends through Sunday.

Every year, The Muny partners with Lacefield Music to borrow new Yamaha pianos for their spectacular performances. In gratitude for this collaboration, The Muny organizes a special sale, offering these gently used pianos to the public at the conclusion of their performance season.

The piano sale event commences today and runs until Sunday at The Muny, located in the picturesque Forest Park. This sale provides an excellent chance to acquire a high-quality piano, with additional perks such as special financing options and the convenience of piano delivery.

If you’ve been considering adding a piano to your life or upgrading your current instrument, this limited-time opportunity at The Muny is not to be missed. Visit The Muny in Forest Park to explore the selection and secure the piano of your dreams.

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